<thead> Table Header (NISO JATS table model)

Container element for the table header rows of a table. (This element is based on and intended to be converted easily to the XHMTL thead element.)


Use W3C documentation for the XHTML 1.1 table model (https://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml-modularization/abstract_modules.html#s_tablemodule).
Related Elements
A NISO JATS XHTML-inspired table may be divided into header elements <thead> and table body elements <tbody>.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
<tr> Table Row, one or more
Content Model
<!ELEMENT %thead.qname;  %thead.content; >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Sample

Header structure for a titled table

<sec id="s6.7.1.5">
 <title>Ambient illumination</title>
 <p>This test is used to determine the ambient light 
  levels under which the scanner will operate.</p>
 <p>... Specific applications may not require the 
  extended range noted in <xref ref-type="table" 
  rid="t11">Table 11</xref>.</p>
 <table-wrap id="t11">
  <label>Table 11</label>
  <caption><title>Ambient illumination levels</title></caption>
     <th>Lighting Conditions</th>
     <th>Illumination Level Lux</th>
     <td>Dark room</td>
     <td>Desk top</td>
     <td>Overcast daylight</td>
     <td>Bright sunlight</td>
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