<list-item> List Item

Single item (one entry) in a list of items.


On display or in print, a list entry may be preceded by a prefix character, such as a bullet or a number. This character is typically determined by attributes:
  • The @list-type attribute specifies whether there should be a prefix preceding each item and determines the prefix type (such as bullet or number). A simple list takes no prefix character.
  • The @prefix-word attribute can be used to prepend a word such as “Step”, “Method”, or “Procedure” to a list item, in addition to, typically, a number (thus “Step 1.”).
  • If the Type of List names a bulleted style (“@list-type="bullet"”), the Styling Detail attribute may be used to name the preferred prefix character, for example, a “dash”, “hollow-bullet”, or “square”. If no Styling Detail is given, the processing system will choose the bullet character.
The prefix character may instead be hard-coded into the <label> element in the XML data. When the <label> element is used in a <list-item>, it overrides the @list-type, Styling Detail, and @prefix-word attributes.

Best Practice

While this element contains an optional <label> element, the <label> element should be included only in those circumstances where a formatting override is needed; <label> should NOT be used in the ordinary course of tagging.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  list-item    %list-item-model;                            >
Expanded Content Model

(label?, title?, (p | normative-note | non-normative-note | normative-example | non-normative-example | notes-group | def-list | list)+)

Tagged Samples
Within numerical list
<p>Each of the 11 goals is introduced by its name and 
 presented in the same structure:
 <list list-type="order">
   <p><bold>The goal:</bold> The basic goal statement.</p></list-item>
   <p><bold>Discussion:</bold> An elaboration on the basic goal 
   <p><bold>Background:</bold> Sources from which the goal is 
   <p><bold>Common user accessibility needs:</bold> User accessibility 
    needs related to the goal.</p></list-item>
   <p><bold>Questions to consider:</bold> Questions for applying 
    the goal.</p></list-item>
As part of ordered list using lowercase alphabetical prefix characters
<sec id="s6_2_1_5">
 <title>Questions to consider</title>
 <list list-type="alpha-lower">
  <list-item><p>Who are the potential users of systems 
   that will be addressed by or who will relate to this 
  <list-item><p>Which potential users, if any, might be 
   excluded by the requirements and recommendations in
   this deliverable?</p></list-item>
  <list-item><p>What are all the contexts of use in which 
   systems that relate to this deliverable could be 
  <list-item><p>Which contexts of use might be excluded 
   by the requirements and recommendations in this 
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