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dashedsee @underline-style

dash listsee @style-detail

databasesee @vocab

data in citationssee Citing Data

dataset, reference tosee <ext-link>see <supplementary-material>


Data Title (in a citation)

datesee <access-date>see <conf-date>see <date-in-citation>see <era>see <meta-date>see <pub-date>see <release-date>see @calendarsee @date-typesee @end_datesee @iso-8601-datesee @start_date


Date (in a citation)

date, unstructuredsee <string-date>

Date as a String

dated identifiersee @std-id-type


Date in Citation (in a citation)



Day (in a citation)

deaduse @deceased

@deceased Deceased

Decimal Separator



Definitionsee <tbx:definition>


Definition (TBX)

definition itemuse <def-item>

Definition List

Definition List: Definition Head

Definition List: Definition Item

Definition List: Term Head

definitionssee <glossary>see <term-sec>see <term-sec>see @sec-type





Degree of Contribution


descriptionsee <long-desc>


designatorsee <doc-number>see <doc-ref>see <language>see <std-ref>


designator, standardsee @pub-id-type

designator information for this standardsee <std-ident>

Designator of Journal Edition/Version

designator of the standardsee <std-id>

development stagesee <release-version>

diagramsee @fig-type



displayed chemicalsee <chem-struct>

displayed formulause <disp-formula>

display formula, reference tosee @ref-type

display formula groupuse <disp-formula-group>

display order, nameuse @name-style

display quoteuse <disp-quote>








Document in Proof Stage?

Document Internal Identifier

document metadatasee <std-doc-meta>

Document Number

Document Reference Designation

Document Sub-part Number


Document Type

doisee <elocation-id>see <ext-link>see <issue-id>see <object-id>see <std-id>see <std-id-group>see <volume-id>see @document-id-typesee @ext-link-typesee @journal-id-typesee @object-idsee @pub-id-typesee @source-id-typesee @std-id-link-type

dotssee @style-detail

double underlinesee @underline-style


DTD fragmentsee <code>


DTD versus XSD versus RNGsee Expression Language (Constraint Language)

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