href XInclude Href Linking Mechanism

A URI reference (or an IRI reference) that specifies the location of the resource to include. See W3C XInclude documentation (


This attribute is only used for the <xi:include> element; most elements in this Tag Set use the XLink href attribute (@xlink:href).
According to the W3C documentation:
The @href attribute is optional; the absence of this attribute is the same as specifying “href=''”, that is, the reference is to the same document. If the @href attribute is absent when “parse="xml"”, the @xpointer attribute must be present. Fragment identifiers must not be used; their appearance is a fatal error.
OPTIONAL on element: <xi:include>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The URI of a resource to be included.
Restriction This is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

URI for file being incorporated into standard

  <!-- Introduction is in file S-2295-Intro.xml -->
  <xi:include href="S-2295-Intro.xml" xmlns:xi="" parse="xml"/>

  <!-- Scope is in file S-2295-Scope.xml -->
  <xi:include href="S-2295-Scope.xml" xmlns:xi="" parse="xml"/>

  <!-- Terms and Defs section is in file S-2295-T-D.xml -->
  <xi:include href="S-2295-T-D.xml" xmlns:xi="" parse="xml"/>