<institution-id> Institution Identifier

A externally defined institutional identifier, whether organization-specific (for example, “IEEE”) or from an established identifying authority (for example, “Ringgold” or “ISNI”).


Used with an Institutional Name

A wrapper element named <institution-wrap> holds both the name of an institution (<institution>) and any identifiers for that institution (<institution-id>), for example, an INSI or Ringgold ID.
External Identifier
The <institution-id> element holds an external identifier, assigned to an institution by a publisher, an archive or library, or an agency such as Ringgold or ISNI. The contents of this element should not be confused with the @id attribute, which holds an internal document identifier that can be used by software to construct a simple in-document link.
Multiple Identifiers
A single institution may have multiple identifiers, either because different assigning agencies have defined an identifier or because the entity belongs to more than one larger organizational unit, for example, a laboratory may be part of multiple institutions.

Common Practice

All levels of a multi-tier organization may be listed within a single <institution> element and given a single institution identifier. For example, a program, a department, and a university may be part of the same <institution>, inside a single <institution-wrap> with a single <institution-id>. Similarly both a corporation and a division within the corporation might be inside one <institution> element, inside a <institution-wrap> with a single institution identifier (<institution-id>). Alternatively, a divisional distinction such as an “organization” element with a subordinate “dept” and an “office” inside a department could tagged using multiple <institution> elements with the @content-type attribute differentiating institution, department, and office. Each of these divisions could be assigned an institutional identifier (<institution-id>), which would require the wrapper element <institution-wrap>.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Text, numbers, or special characters
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  institution-id  
                        %institution-id-model;                       >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Sample

One <institution-wrap>, multiple identifiers

  <institution content-type="laboratory">Massachusetts Green High Performance 
   Computing Center</institution>
 </institution-wrap>, operated by 
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">1846</institution-id>
  <institution-id institution-id-type="ISNI">0000 0001 2170 1429</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">Boston University</institution>
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">1812</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">Harvard University</institution>
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">2167</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">MIT</institution>
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">1848</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">Northeastern University</institution>
 </institution-wrap>, and the 
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">14707</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">University of Massachusetts</institution>