<reg-meta> ISO-specific Regional Metadata

This element is a container element for metadata specific to or produced by an ISO-related regional standards body. This element contains any regional-organization-specific overrides to the metadata described for the whole standards document (<std-doc-meta>) as well as the organization-specific metadata for the regional standards body.


Best Practice

Organizations that have not used ISO STS in the past, should use the NISO STS element <std-meta> instead of the element <reg-meta>.
Inside an Adoption
The element <reg-meta> cannot be used inside the front matter for an adoption (<adoption-front>); only <std-meta> may be used at the top level of an adoption. The element <reg-meta> can be used in the front matter of a standard (<front>).
Related Elements
The element <reg-meta> is the fourth of the organization-describing metadata elements with: <std-meta>, <iso-meta>, and <nat-meta>. By design, the <reg-meta> content model is very similar to and was based on the model for <iso-meta>.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  reg-meta     %reg-meta-model;                             >
Expanded Content Model

(title-wrap*, doc-ident?, std-ident?, (std-org | std-org-group)*, content-language*, std-ref*, doc-ref?, pub-date?, release-date*, meta-date*, wi-number?, (comm-ref | comm-ref-group)*, secretariat*, (ics | ics-wrap)*, (subj-group)*, page-count?, counts?, std-xref*, release-version-id?, permissions*, self-uri*, (abstract)*, (kwd-group)*, meta-note*, custom-meta-group*)

Tagged Sample

ISO-specific, showing typical contents

 <reg-meta originator="CEN" id="profile.reg">
  <title-wrap xml:lang="de">
   <intro>Sicherheit von Maschinen</intro>
  <std-ref type="undated">EN ISO 13849-1</std-ref>
  <doc-ref>EN ISO 13849-1</doc-ref>
  <release-date iso-8601-date="2008-06" date-type="published" 
  <std-xref type="supersedes">...</std-xref>
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