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namesee <conf-name>see <institution>see <meta-name>see <named-content>



Name (in a Private Character)

name, ICS codeuse <ics-desc>

Name, Standards Organizationuse <std-org-name>

name, unstructuredsee <string-name>

<name-alternatives> Name Alternatives

name components for person’s namesee <name>


Named Special (Subject) Content

name formatuse @name-style

name initialssee @initials

Name of Person (Structured)

Name of Person (Unstructured)

name particle (“van” in “Ludwig van Beethoven”)see <surname>

namessee <given-names>see <surname>

names in citationssee Names and String Names in Citations

namespacesee @xmlns:mmlsee @xmlns:tbxsee @xmlns:xisee @xmlns:xlinksee @xmlns:xsi

namespace, xsi (MathML)see @xmlns:xsi

namespace for NISO ALIuse @xmlns:ali

namespace for OASIS Exchange (CALS) tablesuse @xmlns:oasis


National-Body metadatause <nat-meta>


Navigation Pointer

Navigation Pointer Group




nested index termsee <nested-kwd>

Nested Keyword


Nested tablessee Nested Tables

new-standard see @std-type

next-scheduled-issuance-info notesee <meta-note>

NII identifiersee <contrib-id>see @contrib-id-type

NISO ALI end datesee @end_date


NISO ALI Namespace (NISO Access License and Indicators)

NISO ALI start datesee @start_date

NISO STS modularitysee Modular DTD Design

NISO STS Standard Metadata


NLM Citation Model (deprecated)

non-bibliographic information in citationuse <annotation>

non-integral materialuse <supplementary-material>

non-normative annex (section inside)see @sec-type

<non-normative-example> Non-Normative-Example

<non-normative-note> Non-Normative-Note

non-normative referencessee <ref-list>

non-preferred termsee @term-status

non-roman emphasissee @style-detail

non-Unicode characteruse <glyph-data>

normativesee <annex-type>see <non-normative-example>see <non-normative-note>

Normative Annexsee <app>

normative annex (section inside)see @sec-type

Normative Authorization Flag

<normative-example> Normative-Example

<normative-note> Normative-Note

Normative part of Speech

normative referencessee <ref-list>

normative Referencessee @sec-type


@notation Notation

notesee <boxed-text>see <fn>see <meta-note>see <non-normative-note>see <normative-note>see @fn-typesee @notes-type

Note (TBX)

note, reference tosee @ref-type

note, usageuse <tbx:usageNote>

note boxsee <boxed-text>

noterefsee @ref-type


<notes-group> Notes Group

Notes Section


notice, copyrightuse <copyright-statement>

nounsee <tbx:partOfSpeech>


numbersee <label>

Number, Grammaticaluse <tbx:grammaticalNumber>

number, work itemsee <wi-number>

number of columnssee <col>see <colgroup>

number of items in the standards documentsee <counts>

numeric part of designatorsee <doc-number>

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