kwd-group-type Keyword Authority

An authority, typically at different organizational level than a standards organization, that placed these keywords into the XML of this standards document, for example, “working-group”, “committee”, or “inspec”.


Best Practice

The use of this attribute has changed since ISO STS. New, more semantically specific attributes have taken over many former functions of this attribute. The @vocab attribute should now be used to name the ontology, thesaurus, term list, data base, index, or other term source where the keywords in this group are formally defined. The @originator attribute should be used to name the standards organization responsible for placing this group of keywords in this standard (for example, “IEEE”, “ISO”, “ASTM”, “ASME”), particularly useful for jointly authored standards.
OPTIONAL on element: <kwd-group>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The source of keywords. This may be a standards organization (such as “IEEE”); another type of organization (such as “inspec”); the name of a thesaurus, index, or ontology that has established keywords for a field; or the name of the standards producer that defined these keywords (such as “RFC”).
Restriction This is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Samples
INSPEC keywords
<kwd-group kwd-group-type="INSPEC" originator="IEEE">
 <kwd>social networking (online)</kwd>
 <kwd>buyer&#x0027;s guides</kwd>
 <kwd>electronic commerce</kwd>

<kwd-group kwd-group-type="InspecFree" originator="IEEE">
 <kwd>whiz list</kwd>
 <kwd>social networking sites</kwd>
 <kwd>online purchase</kwd>
 <kwd>e-commerce portals</kwd>
 <kwd>Web site users</kwd>
 <kwd>marketing strategy</kwd>
Working Group keywords
 <kwd-group kwd-group-type="working group" vocab="uncontrolled">
  <kwd>assurance case</kwd>
  <kwd>IEEE 15026-1 &#x2122;</kwd>
  <kwd>integrity level</kwd>
  <kwd>life cycle processes</kwd>
  <kwd>software assurance</kwd>
  <kwd>software engineering</kwd>
  <kwd>system assurance</kwd>
  <kwd>systems engineering</kwd>