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Gender, Grammaticaluse <tbx:grammaticalGender>

genus, species, ordersee <named-content>

Geographical Usage Flag (TBX)

Given (First) Names


given names initialsuse @initials


Glossary Elements

glyphsee @format



Glyph Data Character Being Referenced

Glyph-Data Font Character Table Offset

Glyph-Data Font Name

Glyph Data For a Private Character

Glyph Data Image Format


Glyph Reference For a Private Character


government publicationuse <gov>

Government Report (in a citation)

Grammatical Gender Flag (TBX)

Grammatical Number Flag (TBX)

grant sponsoruse <funding-source>

graphicsee <inline-graphic>see @mimetype

<graphic> Graphic

Graphic, Externaluse <tbx:xGraphic>

graphic, multiple forms ofsee Tagging Multiple Versions

graphic contentsee <fig>

graphic formulasee <disp-formula>

graphic in the backgrounduse @position

graphic in the marginsuse @position

graphic positionuse @baseline-shift

graphic versus figuresee Tagging Figures, Graphics, and Multimedia

groupsee <collab>see <notes-group>see @comm-ref-group-type

group, figuressee <fig-group>

group authorsee <collab>

group of equationsuse <disp-formula-group>

group of footnotesuse <fn-group>

group of keywordsuse <kwd-group>

group of peoplesee @person-group-type

Group Separator


Guide to a standards documentsee <doc-type>

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