<string-name> Name of Person (Unstructured)

Container element for personal names captured with mixed-content (both text and elements) where the order of the name components is not enforced and punctuation is preserved.


The STS model for <name> is a series of elements in a particular order with no punctuation or spacing between elements. For situations where a different element order is desired or punctuation between name parts is wanted, use the <string-name>, which is a very loose element, which may contain text, numbers, special characters, generated text, and any or all of the naming elements, such as <surname>.
If the name parts are unknown or untagged, put the whole name within the <string-name> element, for example, “<string-name>Ice Cube</string-name>”. Use of the <string-name> element is more likely to lead to better searching in a repository than merely leaving the person’s name untagged.
name-style (default = western)

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  string-name  (#PCDATA %string-name-elements;)*            >
Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | degrees | given-names | prefix | surname | suffix)*

Tagged Samples
As part of bibliographic reference for journal
 <ref id="ref_4">
  <mixed-citation publication-type="journal"
   <source>Dtsch. Lebensmitt. Rundsch</source>. 
   <year iso-8601-date="1974">1974</year>, 
   <volume>70</volume> p. <fpage>57</fpage></mixed-citation>
Bibliographic reference for conference paper
 <mixed-citation publication-type="paper"
   <etal>et al.</etal></person-group> 
  <article-title>From ERIC source documents to abstracts:  
   A problem in readability</article-title> Presented at the 
  <conf-name>Rocky Mountain Education Research 
   Association</conf-name>, <conf-loc>Tucson, AZ</conf-loc>,
  <conf-date iso-8601-date="1973-11-29">November 29, 1973</conf-date>. 
As part of bibliographic reference for report
 <mixed-citation publication-type="report"
  <source>NISO/CLIR/RLG Technical Metadata for 
   Images Workshop, April 18-19, 1999</source> [Report]. 
  <publisher-loc>Bethesda, MD</publisher-loc>: 
  <publisher-name>National Information Standards 
  c<date-in-citation content-type="copyright" 
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