<tbx:source> Source (TBX)

According to ISO 10241-1, if a terminological entry, language section, term, definition, non-verbal representation (such as a symbol) or example has been taken from another standard, or another authoritative source, the source should be indicated. Enter the name of the source document in the <tbx:source> element. If the text taken from the source was modified in any way, this should be indicated in an accompanying note. The data or data category to which the source applies may be also be indicated in a note, for instance, to specify that the source applies to an example or to the definition.

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Tagged Samples
Source is a US agency document
<tbx:termEntry id="ISO10241-1.a210.14">
  <tbx:langSet xml:lang="en">
    <tbx:definition>any event or series of events that disrupt ecosystem, community, or population
      structure and alters the physical environment</tbx:definition>
    <tbx:source>U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. <italic>Terms of Environment: Glossary,
      Abbreviations and Acronyms</italic> online, viewed 2010-07-29].</tbx:source>
    <tbx:xSource xtarget="http://www.epa.gov/OCEPAterms/dterms.html">Available from:
      <tbx:term id="a210.14-1">disturbance</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
Source is an ISO standard
<tbx:termEntry id="ISO10241-1.a211.251">
  <tbx:langSet xml:lang="en">
    <tbx:definition>hypothesis to be tested by means of a statistical test</tbx:definition>
    <tbx:source>ISO 3534-1:2006, 1.4.1</tbx:source>
    <tbx:note>Modified — The examples and notes given in ISO 3534-1:2006 for this entry have been
      <tbx:term id="a211.251-1">null hypothesis</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:normativeAuthorization value="preferredTerm"/>
      <tbx:term id="a211.251-2">
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:normativeAuthorization value="admittedTerm"/>
      <tbx:termType value="symbol"/>