<chapter-title> Chapter Title (in a citation)

Title of a cited book chapter. This element is deprecated in STS. Avoid using it; use <part-title> instead.


When both are provided within a citation, a title of a cited book is tagged as <source>, and the title of the chapter, lesson, module, or other part within that book should be tagged as <part-title>.
This element has been retained for backward compatibility.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  chapter-title
                        (#PCDATA %chapter-title-elements;)*          >
Expanded Content Model

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Tagged Sample

Mixed citation: <part-title> used where <chapter-title> used to be used

<ref id="ref_4">
 <mixed-citation publication-type="paper"
  ><person-group person-group-type="author"
  <part-title>Alphabetic ordering in a 
   lexicological perspective</part-title>. 
  <source>Studies in Computer-Aided Lexicology</source>, 
  <year iso-8601-date="1998">1988</year>, pp.