<inline-formula> Formula, Inline

Mathematical equation, expression, or formula that is to be displayed inline. The mathematics itself can be expressed as ASCII characters, as a graphic, or using TeX, LaTeX, or MathML mathematics expressions.


Some print-oriented tag sets use a specific element to indicate “go into math mode or math font here”. While that was not the intended usage of this element, in nearly all cases the text inside such math-changes is a mathematical expression. It would not be incorrect to use this element to mark such material; however, some organizations may find this tagging undesirable as it proliferates “equations”.
Related Elements
For a mathematical equation, expression, or formula which is to displayed as a block (callout), use the <disp-formula> element.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  inline-formula
                        %inline-formula-model;                       >
Expanded Content Model

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Tagged Samples
Within the text of a list item
<p>In Example 1 (one-sided paired test), the data were as 
 follows: <italic>n</italic> = 30, <italic>x</italic> = 21, 
 <italic>a</italic> = 0,05. From these data, the analyst 
<list list-type="bullet">
  <p><italic>p</italic><sub>c</sub> = 
   <italic>x</italic>/<italic>n</italic> = 21/30 = 0,7,</p>
   ><mml:math display="inline" id="mml_m1">
       <mml:mover accent="true">
    </mml:math></inline-formula> (proportion of distinguishers) ...</p>
Alternative formulas in text
<p><italic>Slow-front transient overvoltage (SFO)</italic>: 
 Transient overvoltage, usually unidirectional, with time to 
 peak 20 &#x3bc;s &lt; 
   <tex-math notation="LaTeX">${T_p}$</tex-math>
   <inline-graphic xlink:href="1894_2015_mml_m1.eps"
 </inline-formula> &#x2264; 5 000 &#x3bc;s, and 
   <tex-math notation="LaTeX">${T_2}$</tex-math>
   <inline-graphic xlink:href="1894_2015_mml_m2.eps" 
 </inline-formula> &#x2264; 20 ms.</p>