terminology-model Terminology Model Used

How are the terms within term sections described in this document?


Related Attributes
Several attributes on the <processing-meta> element describe the tag set version choices more fully than the @dtd-version attribute alone:
Which of the JATS tag set families is the basis for this document’s tag set? (e.g., “sts” or “jats”)
Which of the STS standard tag sets is the basis for this document? (e.g., “interchange” or “extended”)
Which table model is used by the tag set for this document? (e.g., “xhtml” or “oasis”)
Which version of MathML is used by the tag set for this document? (e.g., “3.0” or “2.0”)
Are the terms for this standard described by TBX or by <term-display>?
A list of the (possibly many) ways mathematical expressions may be represented in this document (e.g., both MathML and TeX [“mathml tex”])
OPTIONAL on element: <processing-meta>
Value Meaning
tbx Terms within term sections are defined using the namespaced TBX vocabulary.
term-display Terms within term sections are defined using the <term-display> element.
both Some terms or portions of term descriptions are defined using the <term-display> element and some using the TBX vocabulary.
none Terms and term sections are not defined using either the TBX vocabulary or the <term-display> element. Terminology sections are tagged as ordinary text paragraphs and sections.
Restriction @terminology-model is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

Term display is used rather than TBX

   math-representation="mathml png"
   tagset-family="sts" />