<std-org> Standards Organization Description

A container element to hold the organization name, abbreviated name, and location information for one of the standards organizations responsible for publishing or adopting the standard.


The <std-org> element provides a descriptive name and location information about the publisher/adopter of a standards document, in the same way that the element <publisher> in JATS provides name and location information concerning the publisher of a journal article.
One Organization Per Element
There may be several standards organizations responsible for a standards document, and each will be named in a separate <std-org> element.
Part Played
The @std-org-role attribute can be used to record what part the standards organization played in the standard, such as “lead”, “co-producer”, etc.
Related Elements
Several elements inside the container element <std-org> provide the name and location of a publishing or adopting standards organization:
  • <std-org-name> provides an official, typically longer, name of an organization (“International Business Machinery”).
  • <std-org-abbrev> provides a short name or acronym for the organization (“IBM”).
  • <std-org-loc> names one or more locations where the organization operates, which may be as small as a city name or may include a complete address.
SDO, Originator, and SDO-Organization: The element <std-org-abbrev> inside <std-org> can replace both the <originator> element and the <sdo> element used in earlier ISO STS processing.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  std-org      %std-org-model;                              >
Expanded Content Model

(std-org-name?, std-org-abbrev*, std-org-loc*)

Tagged Sample

Typical <std-org> with name, abbreviation, and location

 <std-org std-org-type="sdo" std-org-role="co-producer" std-org-level="1">
  <std-org-name>American Society of Mechanical Engineers</std-org-name>
   ><addr-line>2 Park Ave.</addr-line>
   <city>New York</city>

 <std-org std-org-type="sdo" std-org-role="co-producer" std-org-level="2">
  <std-org-name>American Petroleum Institute</std-org-name>
   ><addr-line>1220 L Street, N.W.</addr-line>
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