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Label of a Figure, Reference, Etc.

langsee @xml:lang

languagesee <content-language>



Language of an Element

Language of the Link Target

Language Set (TBX)

Language Subtag Usagesee <tbx:geographicalUsage>


last nameuse <surname>

Last Page (in a citation)

LaTeXsee @notationsee @version

LaTeX mathsee <tex-math>

lead contributionuse @degree-contribution

legalesesee @sec-type

legendsee <caption>

<legend> Legend

lengthsee @unitssee @units

levelsee @level


level of contributionuse @degree-contribution


License Information


License Paragraph

License Reference (NISO ALI)


lifecycle type of a standardsee @std-type

Line Break

Line in an addresssee <addr-line>

Line of a Verse

lines in tablessee @rules

linksee <ext-link>see <tbx:entailedTerm>see <uri>

link behavior (XLink)see @xlink:actuate

linked datasee NISO STS and Linked Datasee Attributes for Linked Data

linking (XLink)see @xlink:href

Linking ISSNuse <issn-l>

link rolesee @xlink:role

linkssee @link-type

links, internalsee @rid

link titlesee @xlink:title


link type (XLink)see @xlink:type

listsee <def-item>see <def-list>see <ref-list>

<list> List

list-changesee @sec-type

@list-content List Content

list continuationsee @continued-from

<list-item> List Item

list itemsee @prefix-word

list typesee @list-content


literal textsee <preformat>

locationsee <std-org-loc>

location (of a figure or graphic)see @position

location, conferencesee <conf-loc>


long-desc for accessibilitysee Accessibility

Long Description

lower-case language codessee @xml:lang


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