Notes for Implementors

This chapter contains information of use to implementors of NISO STS, who may need to work with the NISO STS Tag Sets beyond merely tagging or receiving NISO-STS-tagged documents. For example, such power-users may need to: make a subset or superset of one of the tag sets, integrate NISO-STS-tagged documents with other tag sets in a database, understand the complex relationship between JATS and NISO STS, add RDF-a or another linked-data mechanism to a NISO STS document, namespace a NISO STS vocabulary, or perform other technical processing.
Subsidiary sections:

Modular DTD Design


JATS Compatibility

NISO STS and Linked Data

Modifying a NISO STS Tag Set

Modules in NISO STS

Namespacing NISO STS Elements

Tag Suite Naming Conventions