xlink:type Type of XLink Link

The kind of XLink link used with an element. For all elements in this Tag Set that can take links (except the <mml:math> element), this attribute may be either omitted; or it must be set to the word “simple”, which means that the link is a simple, one-ended link.


For the <mml:math> element (which is not controlled by the NISO STS Tag Set), this attribute may take any value that the XLink specification describes for the XLink link type, for example, a “simple” (one-ended) link, a “locator” link, a “title” link, an “extended” (multi-way) link, etc.
FIXED (not settable) on many elements; click for list and usage
Value Meaning
simple The link is an XML simple (one-ended) link.
Restriction This attribute has a fixed value which may not be changed in the XML document.