<suppl-type> Supplement Type

For documents which are supplements to a standard, this element names the kind of alteration or addition that is represented by this supplement.


This element is only applicable to supplements; standards documents that are not supplements should not use this element.
ISO Note
This element, as currently used in ISO-related documents, is expected to have the following content:
  • amd” (Amendment)
  • cor” (Technical Corrigendum)
  • add” (Addendum). Some published ISO Addenda are still valid. But ISO and some ISO-related standards organizations no longer publish Addenda, so the “add” will be uncommon.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  suppl-type   (#PCDATA %suppl-type-elements;)*             >
Expanded Content Model


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Supplement metadata in <std-ident>