<ack> Acknowledgments

Textual material that names the parties which the standards organization wishes to thank or recognize for their assistance in, for example, producing the standard, funding the standard or tests for it, inspiring the standard, or assisting in the research on which the standard is based or tested.


For example, the Working Group members who produced a standard may be named in a section in the front matter listing participants, but any deceased members or persons who were only with the Working Group briefly might be thanked in an Acknowledgment section.

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Tagged Samples
Acknowledgment as part of front matter of standards document
  <p>The Z39.19 committee thanks the following publishers of vocabularies 
   or software that were used in the examples of this standard:  Energy 
   Technology Data Exchange and International Atomic Energy Agency; ...</p>
Slightly more extensive front matter Acknowledgment
<ack id="front-ack1">
 <p>Grateful acknowledgment is made to the CHAdeMO Association 
  for permission to use the following source material in Annex A:</p>
 <list list-type="simple">
  <list-item><p>CHAdeMO 1.0.1 (21 May 2013), Technical Specifications 
   of Quick Charger for the Electric Vehicle.</p></list-item>
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