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paddingsee @cellpadding

pagesee <fpage>see <lpage>


Page (of Related Article)

<page-count> Page Count


page rangesee @page

Page Ranges (in a citation)


parameter entities to modify NISO STSsee Modifying a NISO STS Tag Set


part, compound keyworduse <compound-kwd-part>


Part Number of a Multipart Document

<part-of-speech> Part of Speech

part of speech, normalizeduse @norm-part-of-speech

Part of Speech Flag (TBX)


Part Title (in a citation)


pas (Publicly Available Specification) documentsee <doc-type>


Patent Number (in a citation)

patronymicsee <surname>

<permissions> Permissions

personal namessee Multiple Versions of a Name

personal names in citationssee Names and String Names in Citations

Personal Name Style


Person Group (in a citation)



Phone Number: in an Address

Phonetic representationsee <tbx:pronunciation>

physical objects related to the standardsee <supplementary-material>

picturesee <inline-graphic>

plain listsee @list-type

platesee @fig-type

plate sectionsee <fig-group>

@platforms Platforms

Plural, Grammatical Numberuse <tbx:grammaticalNumber>

podcast name (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

poemsee <verse-group>

pointersee <nav-pointer>

@position Position

postal boxsee <addr-line>


Postal Code: in an Address

postboxsee <addr-line>

postcodesee <addr-line>

preferred termsee @term-status

prefixsee <label>


Prefix (in a name)

prefix character, listsee @list-type


Prefix Word (For a List Item)


Preformatted Text


preliminarysee @content-type

preliminary notesee <meta-note>

preserve whitespacesee @xml:space

<price> Price


Private Character (Custom or Unicode)

Private Character Description

private-use characteruse <glyph-data>see @description

processing alternativessee Tagging Multiple Versions


Processing Metadata

professional certificationsee <degrees>

programming codeuse <code>

programming code, inlineuse <inline-code>

Programming Languagesee @language


<pronunciation> Pronunciation

Pronunciation (TBX)

pronunciation filesee <inline-media>

proof stage, document life-cyclesee <is-proof>

proper subset of ISO STSsee Proper Superset of ISO STS

propertiessee @sec-type

pseudo-codesee <code>




Publication Date


Publication Identifier (in a citation)

publication typesee @pub-type


Publication Type Identifier (in a citation)



Publisher's Name (in a citation)


Publisher’s Location (in a citation)


purpose of NISO STSsee Purpose

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