term-type Type of Term

The type of term (<term> inside a <term-display>) in a terms and definitions section, for example, “acronym”.


The current @term-type values are from the ISO TBX list of term types (https://www.iso.org/schema/isosts/v1.1/doc/tbx/index.html).
OPTIONAL on element: <term>
Value Meaning
acronym The term is an acronym. Typically an acronym is made up of the initial letters of the components of the full form of a term or a proper name or from syllables of the full form term. Abbreviations are pronounced syllabically, typically as a single word. For example, “laser”, “NDA”, “ISO”, “SDO”, “UNESCO”, “WHO”. This value need not be a true acronym, only an abbreviated-form of the term. (See ISO 704:2009 for more on the use of the term "acronym".)
abbreviation The term is an abbreviation. Typically an abbreviation is formed by omitting letters from the full form, for example, the abbreviation “vol” for “volume”. This value need not be a true abbreviation, only an abbreviated-form of the term.
equation The term is a simple mathematical or chemical expression, typically all in one line with minimal operators.
formula The term is a formula. In a formula, graphics, symbols, or the like are used to express a concept such as a mathematical or chemical formula. May be complex with multi-line operators or braces.
fullForm The term is the complete presentation of a term in a word or phrase. This value is used only if there is also an abbreviated form or an acronym. If a term has no abbreviation or acronym documented in the entry, there is no need to indicate the full form.
symbol The term is a symbol (the designation of a term by numerals, letters, pictograms or any combination thereof) rather than an ordinary word or phrase.
translation This term is a translation, the term expressed in another language.
variant This is a variant term, an alternate form of a term, due to, differences in spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, spacing, and so forth.
Restriction This is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Samples
Full form term
   <term term-type="fullForm">hoogwerker</term>
   <related-term related-term-type="acronym">HW</related-term>
   <def><p>hefplatform bestaande uit een werkplatform en 
    een hydraulische hefinrichting gemonteerd op een zelfaangedreven 
    <p>Zie <std><std-ref>EN 1777</std-ref></std>.</p>
A translation
 <term term-status="preferred">Kapselung</term>
 <term-display-string>(en: <term xml:lang="en" 
  <p>Teil einer gasisolierten, metallgekapselten Schaltanlage, ...</p>