<inline-graphic> Inline Graphic

Description of and pointer to an external graphic that is displayed or set in the same line as the text.


An inline graphic is typically a small graphic, such as an icon or a small picture symbol, that is displayed or set in the same line as the text.

Best Practice

Although the Tag Set cannot enforce it, this element should not be used to create ordinary special characters such as diacritics and copyright symbols; these characters should be expressed in Unicode. The element <inline-graphic> should also not be used for custom-built or private characters such as those in the Unicode private use areas; for such characters, use the <private-char> element.
Related Elements
This Suite contains several elements that describe and point to non-XML material: <graphic>, <inline-graphic>, <media>, and <inline-media>. The elements <graphic> and <inline-graphic> contain a pointer to a still image (such as a photograph, diagram, line drawing, etc.) that is part of the document. The elements <media> and <inline-media> contain a pointer to a non-XML, frequently binary, object (such as a movie, audio clip, dataset, pronunciation file, or other non-XML format).

Base Attributes

Linking Attributes

xlink:href (REQUIRED)
xlink:type (fixed value = simple)


xmlns:xlink (fixed value = http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink)
Models and Context
May be contained in
Any one of:
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  inline-graphic
                        %inline-graphic-model;                       >
Expanded Content Model

((alt-text | long-desc)*)

Tagged Samples
Alternative to an inline formula
<p><italic>Slow-front transient overvoltage (SFO)</italic>: 
 Transient overvoltage, usually unidirectional, with time to 
 peak 20 &#x3bc;s &lt; 
   <tex-math notation="LaTeX">${T_p}$</tex-math>
   <inline-graphic xlink:href="1894_2015_mml_m1.eps"
 </inline-formula> &#x2264; 5 000 &#x3bc;s, and 
   <tex-math notation="LaTeX">${T_2}$</tex-math>
   <inline-graphic xlink:href="1894_2015_mml_m2.eps" 
 </inline-formula> &#x2264; 20 ms.</p>
Inside a <private-char>
 <p>Elongate ... in the form of a 
  <private-char description="dogleg">
    <alt-text content-type="special character">dogleg character</alt-text>
  </private-char>. During the ...</p>
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