NISO STS extends ISO STS with the goal of making it better meet the needs of a wide variety of standards organizations. The ability to handle standards embedded in an adoption document, many additional JATS-based metadata elements (such as keywords and subject groupings), new ways to identify standards organizations, more complex titles for standards, and selected BITS (Book Interchange Tag Suite) structures (such as Indexes, Tables of Contents, and an XInclude mechanism) are just a few of the additions. (For a complete list, see Differences between ISO STS 1.1 and NISO STS at
All of the original ISO STS 1.1 elements and attributes are available as part of NISO STS.
However, in some cases NISO STS has more flexible alternatives for the ISO STS elements. Best Practice for new implementations, and new users, is to use these new structures, and existing users should consider transitioning to them. The ISO STS elements with new alternatives include: