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fallback, XIncludesee <xi:fallback>

family nameuse <surname>


Fax Number (in address)

feminine (TBX grammatical gender)see @value

Feminine Grammatical Gendersee <tbx:grammaticalGender>

Field, subjectuse <tbx:subjectField>






figure, reference tosee @ref-type

Figure Count

Figure Group

figure groups versus figuresee Tagging Figures, Graphics, and Multimedia

figure setsee <fig-group>

figure titlesee <caption>

filesee <ext-link>see <graphic>

first letter of surnameuse @initials

first namesuse <given-names>

First Page (in a citation)

<fixed-case> Fixed Case

fixed positionuse @position

floating positionuse @position

flush rightsee @align




fontsee <italic>



footersee <tfoot>


footnote, reference tosee @ref-type

Footnote Group

footnote symbolsee @symbol

footnote typesee @fn-type

foreign word or phraseuse <named-content>

forewordsee @sec-type

formsee @is-form


format, filesee @mimetype

format, publicationsee @publication-format

Format of Publication

formatting tablessee Table Formatting

format typeuse @fig-type

@form-type Form Type

Formula, Display

Formula, Display Group

Formula, Inline

formula, reference tosee @ref-type

formula as a termsee @term-type



Frame (NISO JATS table model)

free accesssee <license>

Free to Read (NISO ALI)


Front Matter

Front Matter, Adoption


fullForm termsee @term-type

Full Title

<funding-source> Funding Source

further readinguse <ref-list>

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