<def> Definition

This element can be used in several very different contexts, which determine its exact meaning and usage:
  • As one of the semantic tags within a <term-display> element, the <def> element contains the definition for the term being described (<term>).
  • As the second half of a definition list item (<def-item>), which is one item in a two-part list (<def-list>), the <def> element contains a definition, description, or other explanation of the word, phrase, or picture that is the first part of each list item (<term>).
  • The <def> element can also be a definition or expansion of an abbreviation or acronym <abbrev>.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  def          %def-model;                                  >
Expanded Content Model

((p | normative-note | non-normative-note | normative-example | non-normative-example | notes-group)+)

Tagged Samples
In “Terms and Definitions” section
 <term-sec id="sec_2.2.5">
  <tbx:termEntry xmlns:tbx="urn:iso:std:iso:30042:ed-1" id="term_2.2.5">...</tbx:termEntry>
  <term-display id="h2238-33">
   <part-of-speech norm-part-of-speech="noun">noun</part-of-speech>
   <related-term related-term-type="acronym" rid="h2238-33.a">HW</related-term>
    <p>hefplatform bestaande uit een werkplatform en 
     een hydraulische hefinrichting gemonteerd op een zelfaangedreven 
    <p>Zie <std><std-ref>EN 1777</std-ref></std>.</p>
In Glossary
<sec sec-type="definitions">
    <term>bend qualification procedure</term>
    <def><p>a document that specifies the
     properties of the starting pipe; the equipment to be used;
     the bending parameters; the qualification bend test
     results; and the postbend, heat-treat equipment and
     cycle used for the manufacture of the bends. If nondestructive
     testing of the bend is required, procedures that
     have not been approved previously shall be submitted.</p></def>
    <def><p>a joint of pipe produced by a rolling andwelding
     plate, as opposed to a joint of pipe produced in accordance
     with a recognized specification.</p></def>
    <def><p>the outside arc of the bend.</p></def>
In Definition List
<sec sec-type="abbreviations" id="s4">
 <title>Abbreviations and acronyms</title>
   <def><p>Charge Coupled Device.</p></def>
   <def><p>Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.</p></def>
   <def><p>Light Emitting Diode.</p></def>