<index-term-range-end> Index Term Range End

The marker (an EMPTY element) for the end of a range when an index term embedded into the narrative of a document is the start of a range.


When the <index-term> is the start of a range, the @rid attribute of an <index-term-range-end> must point to the @id of the <index-term>.
This is an EMPTY element, since all the information naming the index term is already present in the <index-term> element to which this element points.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
This is an EMPTY element
Content Model
<!ELEMENT index-term-range-end
                        %index-term-range-end-model;                 >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Sample

Start and end of range

@rid of <index-term-range-end> must point to the @id of the structure that starts the range, in this case a section title
 <title>Controlled Vocabularies &mdash; Purpose, Concepts, Principles, 
  and Structure<index-term id="idx2313"><term>Controlled Vocabularies</term>
 <sec><title>Purpose</title> ...</sec>
  <sec><title>Terms</title> ...</sec>
  <sec><title>Content Objects</title> ...
   <p>... any new metadata elements sets or 
    schema.<index-term-range-end rid="idx2313"/></p>
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