<part-title> Part Title (in a citation)

Title of a portion of a larger resource (for example, a chapter in a book, module in a course, episode of a podcast or television series) described in a bibliographic reference.


Part Titles of Standards

Part Title (in a citation) is a JATS element, which does not hold the title of a portion of a standard, but rather a title for a book chapter, episode title for a podcast, and similar.
In standards, the title of a part in a multipart standard is typically tagged using the element <compl> element, which is a portion of the standard’s title in the standard document’s metadata. (See <title-wrap>.)
Part Titles of Non-standards Documents
Within a bibliographic reference (<mixed-citation> or <element-citation> and similar elements), the <part-title> does not deal with the titles of standards. For non-standards documents, the <part-title> is the title of a portion, part, or item in a larger resource, a title at a lower hierarchical level than the whole.
For example:
  • Books — For book citations, the <source> is the name of the book, and the title of a subsection of the book (such as a chapter, module, lesson, part, or other-named book division) is tagged as: <part-title>.
  • Episodic — Citing a specific episode or similar of a podcast, streaming show, radio broadcast, cable show, television news, etc. would need both a <source> (name of the show, podcast, etc.) and a <part-title> to name the episode cited.
       <part-title>The Beetle Whisperer</part-title>.
       (<source>All Thing Considered</source>).

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<!ELEMENT  part-title   (#PCDATA %part-title-elements;)*             >
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Tagged Sample

Titled portion of a cited thesis

 <mixed-citation publication-type="thesis"
  <source>Human factors: aerospace medicine and the 
   origins of manned space flight in the United States</source> 
  [dissertation]. <publisher-loc>[Tempe (AZ)]</publisher-loc>: 
  <publisher-name>Arizona State University</publisher-name>; 
  <year>2002</year> <month>May</month>. 
  <part-title>Part 2, Space medicine</part-title>; p.