<open-access> Open Access

A container element to hold metadata concerning the open access provisions that apply to a work (for example, which model of charging was used or who paid the open access charges) or the funding information that provided the open access provisions.


This tag is for in-line discussions of open access that cannot readily be captured in the <license>, or that are in addition to the information there. If there is a paragraph in the text that mentions that this is an open access document, there should be a license element that describes it.
Related Elements
The <ali:free_to_read> is a simple indication of the status of the standard that does not make any statements about additional reuse rights or restrictions.

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Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  open-access  %open-access-model;                          >
Expanded Content Model

((p | normative-note | non-normative-note | normative-example | non-normative-example | notes-group)+)