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abbr (Abbreviation or Acronym)see <abbrev>


Abbreviated Name, Standards Organizationsee <std-org-abbrev>

Abbreviation (NISO JATS table model)

abbreviation, conference namesee <conf-acronym>

abbreviation, internal reference tosee @ref-type

abbreviation as a termsee @term-type

Abbreviation or Acronym

abbreviationssee @sec-type

@absent absent


@abstract-type Abstract Type

academic titlesee <degrees>


accept header, XIncludesee @accept



Access Date For Cited Work (deprecated)

accessibilitysee <alt-text>see <long-desc>see @altsee @summary

Accessibility for tables - @scope attributesee @scope


Accreditation Acronym

<accrediting-organization> Accrediting Organization



acronymsee <abbrev>see <conf-acronym>see @accredit-acronymsee @authorize-acronymsee @term-type

Acronym, Standards Organizationsee <std-org-abbrev>

Actuating the XLink Link

addenda see @std-type

adding a namespace to NISO STSsee Namespacing NISO STS Elements

additional materialuse <supplementary-material>

additional readinguse <ref-list>


Address/Contact Information

Address Line


adjectivesee <tbx:partOfSpeech>

adjunctive materialuse <supplementary-material>

admitted termsee @term-status

adopted see @std-type

adoptionsee @content-type



adoption notesee <meta-note>

adopt-modify see @std-type

adv (Advisory) documentsee <doc-type>

adverbsee <tbx:partOfSpeech>

Advisory documentsee <doc-type>




Affiliation Alternatives

agreementsee <license>

ALI (Access License & Indicators)see <ali:free_to_read>see <ali:license_ref>




alignmentsee @alignsee @arrangesee @charsee @valign

ALI namespaceuse @xmlns:ali

alpha order, listsee @list-type


Alternate Title (in an Index)

Alternate Title Text For a Figure, Etc.

alternative namessee Multiple Versions of a Name

alternativessee <aff-alternatives>see <alt-text>see <citation-alternatives>see <collab-alternatives>see <name-alternatives>


Alternatives For Processing

Alternative Text

alternative to mixed-citation/element-citation for standardssee <std>


alt-text for accessibilitysee Accessibility



amendment see @std-type

anchoring a figuresee @position

ancillary materialuse <supplementary-material>

animationsee <media>

Annexuse <app>

Annex Groupuse <app-group>



Annotation (in a citation)

<anonymous> Anonymous

ANSI/NISO Z39-96see Basis


apparatussee @sec-type

Appearance of the Underline


Appendix Group


arabic numbered listsee @list-type


Arrangement of Subscripts and Superscripts


Array (Simple Tabular Array)

artsee <fig>see <graphic>see <media>

Article Subtitle


Article Title (in a citation)




audio objectsee <media>

audio object, inlinesee <inline-media>

audiovisualsee <supplementary-material>

@authenticated Authenticated

authorsee <attrib>see <collab>see @corresp

<author-comment> Author Comment

author identifiersee <contrib-id>see @contrib-id-type

authoritysee @assigning-authority

authority, keywordsee @kwd-group-type

Authority Responsible for an Identifier

<authorization> Authorization

Authorization, Normativeuse <tbx:normativeAuthorization>

Authorization Acronym


author of a cited worksee Multiple Versions of a Namesee Names and String Names in Citations


Award Identifier




Axis (NISO JATS table model)

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