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radio show name (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

@rationale Rationale


RDF-asee NISO STS and Linked Datasee Attributes for Linked Data

reaction, chemistrysee <chem-struct>

reading listuse <ref-list>

reaffirm-redesignate see @std-type

reagentssee @sec-type

rec (Recommendations) documentsee <doc-type>

Recommendations documentsee <doc-type>

recommended readinguse <ref-list>

redesignate-consolidate see @std-type



referencesee @ref-type

reference, committeesee <comm-ref>

reference, committee groupsee <comm-ref-group>

reference, glyphsee <glyph-ref>

Reference Count

reference designation for this standardsee <std-ident>

reference identifiersee @id

Reference Item

Reference List (Bibliographic Reference List)

reference lists citing datasee Citing Data

references sectionsee @sec-type

Reference to an Identifier

reference typeuse @ref-type



regional metadatasee <reg-meta>

Regional Usageuse <tbx:geographicalUsage>


regulatory agency notesee <meta-note>

reinstate see @std-type


related articlesee @issuesee @journal-idsee @vol


Related Journal Article Information

Related Non-standards Object Information


related objectsee @link-type

Related Object Document Identifier

Related Object Document Identifier Type

Related Object Document Type

related object languagesee @hreflang


Related Terms

@related-term-type Related Term Type

<release-date> Release-Date

release stagesee <release-version>


Release-Version/Development Stage/Status


@rendering-hint Rendering Hint

report, governmentsee <gov>

representation used for mathuse @math-representation

requirementssee @sec-type


Resolution of the Glyph Bitmap


Restricted-by Model

restrictionssee <license>

reuse permissionssee <license>

revise see @std-type


rolesee @collab-typesee @person-group-typesee @std-org-rolesee @xlink:role


role of a standards organizationuse @std-org-role

Role or Function Title of Contributor

<roman> Roman

roman order listsee @list-type

rostersee @sec-type

rowuse <tr>see @rowspansee @rules

row rulesee @rules

row separatorsee @rules


Row Span (NISO JATS table model)



Ruby Base Text

Ruby Textual Annotation

Ruby Wrapper

rule, horizontalsee <hr>

rulessee Table Formatting


Rules (NISO JATS table model)

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