<index-term> Index Term

An index term to be embedded into the narrative of a standards document so that an Index can be created programmatically.


Index entries are recursive, so if a category (“drinks”) contains a sub-category (“lemonade”), the category <index-term> will contain two components:
  • its own <term> (“drinks”), and
  • an <index-term> for the sub-category. This subordinate index term will contain its own <term> (“lemonade”).
An <index-term> is either a single target point or the start of an index range. When it is the start of a range, an @id attribute is required, so that the <index-term-range-end> element can point to the start of the range.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
The following, in order:
Content Model
<!ELEMENT index-term    %index-term-model;                           >
Expanded Content Model

(term, (index-term | (see | see-also)*))

Tagged Sample

Acronym indexed under full form

<p>The approved and dated document shall have one-inch 
margins. Approved and dated unclassified documents 
shall be sent to the DoDSSP<index-term id="idx688">
<term>DoD Single Stock Point</term></index-term> in 
searchable Portable Document Format (<abbrev>PDF</abbrev>) 
using the Electronic Document Submittal tool in the 
ASSIST database.</p>
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