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@calendar calendar

CALS tableuse <oasis:table>

CALS table bodyuse <oasis:tbody>

CALS table namespacesee @xmlns:oasis

caps, smallsee <sc>


Caption of a Figure, Table, Etc.

cartoonsee @fig-type

cautionuse <boxed-text>

cautionarysee @content-type

cautionary notesee <meta-note>

cellsee <td>

cell in a table headersee <th>


Cell Padding (NISO JATS table model)

cell rulesee @rules

@cellspacing cellspacing

centeredsee @align

changesee @sec-type


Chapter Title (in a citation)


character alignmentsee @charsee @charoff


chartsee @fig-type

chemical equationsee <chem-struct>

chemical reactionsee <chem-struct>

Chemical Structure (Display)

Chemical Structure Wrapper



citationsee <element-citation>see <mixed-citation>

<citation-alternatives> Citation Alternatives

citation commentaryuse <annotation>

citation listuse <ref-list>

citation numbersee <label>

citations, tagging personal names insee Names and String Names in Citations

Citation to a Standard

citing a standarduse <std>

citysee <addr-line>


City (in an address)

classification, designation and codingsee @sec-type

classification codes, ICSsee <ics>see <ics-wrap>

classification description, ICSsee <ics-desc>

classification groupsee <subj-group>


code, inlinesee <inline-code>

Code Block

code-info notesee <meta-note>

Code Language

Code Language Version

codes, ICSsee <ics>see <ics-desc>

codes and descriptions, ICSsee <ics-wrap>

code to be runuse @executable


@code-version Code Version





collaboration, reference tosee @ref-type

Collaboration Alternatives

Collaborative (Group) Author


collected footnotesuse <fn-group>

collection of keywordsuse <kwd-group>


columnsee @rulessee @span

Column Span (NISO JATS table model)

column specificationsee <col>see <colgroup>

column widthsee @width


Comment (in a citation)

comment, authorsee <author-comment>

commentary, for a citationsee <annotation>

committee-contact-info notesee <meta-note>

committee members listingsee @sec-type

Committee Reference

Committee Reference Group

Committee Reference Group Type




Compatibility Meta-Modelsee JATS Compatibility


Complementary Title Part

Complementary Title Wrapper


Compound Keyword

Compound Keyword Part




Compound Subject Name


Compound Subject Part Name

concept level entryuse <tbx:termEntry>

conditionssee @sec-type

conditions for usesee <license>



Conference Acronym (in a citation)

Conference Date (in a citation)

Conference Location (in a citation)

Conference Name (in a citation)

Conference Sponsor (in a citation)




consolidate see @std-type

consortiumsee <collab>

contact informationsee @corresp

<content-language> Content Language

contents, table ofuse <toc>



Continued From (list continuation)

contract sponsoruse <funding-source>






contribution, equaluse @degree-contribution

contribution, leaduse @degree-contribution

contribution, supportinguse @degree-contribution


Contributor Group

Contributor Identifier

Contributor Identifier Type

copyrightsee <license>

copyright clearance centersee <license>

<copyright-holder> Copyright Holder

copyright noticeuse <copyright-statement>

<copyright-statement> Copyright Statement

<copyright-year> Copyright Year

corporate authorsee <collab>


correspondencesee @sec-type

Corresponding Author Flag

corrigenda see @std-type

countsee <equation-count>see <fig-count>see <page-count>see <ref-count>see <table-count>see <word-count>

<count> Count

@count Count


@country Country

Country (in an address)

country, funding sourcesee @country

country codesee @country

<counts> Counts

@count-type Count Type

countysee <addr-line>

cover blurbuse <meta-note>

cross-referencesee <xref>

crossReferencesee <tbx:crossReference>

Cross Reference (TBX)

Cross Reference, Externaluse <tbx:externalCrossReference>

Cross-Reference to a Standard

@currency Currency

currency codeuse @currency

Custom Attribute Value Escape Hatch


custom metadatasee <meta-name>see <meta-value>

Custom Metadata

Custom Metadata Group



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