<tbx:grammaticalGender> Grammatical Gender Flag (TBX)

Records the gender of the term in the given language (<tbx:langSet>), for instance, “<tbx:grammaticalGender value="feminine"/>”.
value (REQUIRED)

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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This is an EMPTY element
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  %TBX.grammaticalGender; 
                        EMPTY                                        >
Tagged Sample

French noun is masculine and German noun is feminine

<tbx:termEntry id="ISO10241-1.a23.311">
  <tbx:langSet xml:lang="en">
    <tbx:definition>numerical reference that indicates whether the flow will be laminar or turbulent
      for a given set of conditions</tbx:definition>
      <tbx:term id="a23.311-1">critical Reynolds number</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
  <tbx:langSet xml:lang="fr">
    <tbx:definition>référence numérique indiquant si un écoulement est soit laminaire soit turbulent
      pour un ensemble de conditions données</tbx:definition>
      <tbx:term id="a23.311-2">nombre de Reynolds critique</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:grammaticalGender value="masculine"/>
  <tbx:langSet xml:lang="de">
    <tbx:definition>numerische Bezugsgröße, die anzeigt, ob die Strömung unter definierten
      Bedingungen laminar oder turbulent ist</tbx:definition>
      <tbx:term id="a23.311-3">kritische Reynoldszahl</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:grammaticalGender value="feminine"/>