<comm-ref> Committee Reference

Identifies the Technical Committee, Subcommittee, and optionally Working Group responsible for the standard, or example, “ISO/TC 27/SC 4”.


To allow for a hierarchy of groups, a <comm-ref-group> element has been created to hold multiple <comm-ref> elements or nested <comm-ref-group>s.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  comm-ref     (#PCDATA %comm-ref-elements;)*               >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Samples
Committee with secretariat
<nat-meta originator="NEN">
 <comm-ref>Normcommissie 342 092 "Niet-destructief onderzoek"</comm-ref>
 <std-xref type="revises">
  <std-ref type="dated">NEN-EN 970:1998</std-ref>
Hierarchy of committees
 <comm-ref-group level="1">
  <comm-ref>Committee on Power Boilers (BPVC I)</comm-ref>
  <comm-ref-group level="2">
   <comm-ref>Subgroup on Design (BPVC I)</comm-ref> 
   <comm-ref>Subgroup Locomotive Boilers (BPVC I)</comm-ref> 
   <comm-ref>Subgroup on Materials (BPVC I)</comm-ref>