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tablesee <oasis:table>see <oasis:tbody>


Table (NISO JATS table model)

table, OASISsee <oasis:table>

table, reference tosee @ref-type

table, simple inlinesee <array>

table body, OASISsee <oasis:tbody>

Table Body for an OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) Table

Table Body for an XHTML Table

table cellsee <td>

Table Cell Alignment Character (NISO JATS table model)

table cell horizontal alignmentsee @align

table cell vertical alignmentsee @valign

Table Character Offset (NISO JATS table model)

Table Column (NISO JATS table model)

Table Column Group (NISO JATS table model)

<table-count> Table Count

Table Data Cell (NISO JATS table model)

Table Footer (NISO JATS table model)

table footnotesee <fn>see <table-wrap-foot>

table footnote, reference tosee @ref-type

table formattingsee Table Formatting

Table Header (NISO JATS table model)

Table Header Cell (NISO JATS table model)

Table inside tablesee Nested Tables


Table Model Used

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Division

Table of Contents Entry

Table of Contents Group

Table of Contents Title Group

Table of Figuressee <fig>

Table Row

table titlesee <caption>

table versus table groupsee Tagging Tables

table versus table-wrapsee Tagging Tables



Table Wrap Footer


Table Wrapper

Table Wrapper Group

table-wrap versus tablesee Tagging Tables

tabular columnuse <col>

tagging for accessibilitysee Accessibility

tagging formatting and rules in tablessee Table Formatting

tagging multiple forms of a graphicsee Tagging Multiple Versions

tagging personal namessee Multiple Versions of a Name

tagging termssee Tagging Terms and Definitions

tagging used for mathuse @math-representation


tag set this document is based onuse @base-tagset

tag set versionuse @dtd-version



Target (TBX)

Target of an Internal Link

target referencesee <ext-link>

target reference (XLink)see @xlink:href

target typesee @ext-link-type


taxonomysee <nested-kwd>see @vocabsee @vocab-identifiersee @vocab-termsee @vocab-term-identifier


TBXsee <tbx:crossReference>see <tbx:definition>see <tbx:entailedTerm>see <tbx:example>see <tbx:externalCrossReference>see <tbx:geographicalUsage>see <tbx:grammaticalGender>see <tbx:grammaticalNumber>see <tbx:langSet>see <tbx:normativeAuthorization>see <tbx:note>see <tbx:partOfSpeech>see <tbx:pronunciation>see <tbx:see>see <tbx:source>see <tbx:subjectField>see <tbx:term>see <tbx:termEntry>see <tbx:termType>see <tbx:tig>see <tbx:usageNote>see <tbx:xGraphic>see <tbx:xMathML>see <tbx:xSource>see @scriptsee @target

























TBX external targetsee @xtarget

TBX Namespace Declaration


Technical Information Report documentsee <doc-type>

Technical Note documentsee <doc-type>

Technical Report of Technical Recommendation documentsee <doc-type>

Technical Specification documentsee <doc-type>

Technology Trends Assessment documentsee <doc-type>

termsee <index-term>see <index-term-range-end>see <tbx:entailedTerm>see <tbx:termEntry>

<term> Term

Term (TBX)

term, type ofuse @term-type

TermBase eXchangesee <tbx:crossReference>see <tbx:definition>see <tbx:entailedTerm>see <tbx:example>see <tbx:externalCrossReference>see <tbx:geographicalUsage>see <tbx:grammaticalGender>see <tbx:grammaticalNumber>see <tbx:langSet>see <tbx:normativeAuthorization>see <tbx:note>see <tbx:partOfSpeech>see <tbx:pronunciation>see <tbx:see>see <tbx:source>see <tbx:subjectField>see <tbx:term>see <tbx:termEntry>see <tbx:termType>see <tbx:tig>see <tbx:usageNote>see <tbx:xGraphic>see <tbx:xMathML>see <tbx:xSource>see @scriptsee @target

TermBase eXchange external targetsee @xtarget

<term-display> Term-Display

term-display, essay on usingsee NISO STS <term-display>

<term-display-string> Term-display String

Term Entry (Concept Entry) TBX


Term Information Group (TIG) (TBX)


Terminology Model Used

termssee <glossary>see <term-sec>

terms (or terms and symbols)see @sec-type

Terms and Definitions Container/Section



Term Source Elements

term source nameuse @vocab

@term-status Term Status


Term Type Flag (TBX)

Test Method documentsee <doc-type>

test methodssee @sec-type

Test Report Form documentsee <doc-type>

testssee @sec-type

TeXsee @math-representationsee @version


TeX mathsee @notation

TeX Math Equation

textboxuse <boxed-text>

textbox, reference tosee @ref-type

text insertsee <boxed-text>

<textual-form> Textual Form



Thankssee <ack>


thesaurussee @vocab

TIGuse <tbx:tig>

TIG noteuse <tbx:usageNote>


Time Stamp For Cited Work (deprecated)

timing (XLink)see @xlink:actuate

tipuse <boxed-text>

tir (Technical Information Report) documentsee <doc-type>

titlesee <alt-text>see <alt-title>see <article-title>see <caption>see <chapter-title>see <compl>see <compl-title-wrap>see <data-title>see <full>see <index-title-group>see <intro>see <intro-title-wrap>see <issue-title>see <journal-id>see <main>see <main-title-wrap>see <part-title>see <subtitle>see <title-wrap>see <toc-title-group>see <trans-subtitle>see <trans-title>see <trans-title-group>see @alt-title-typesee @xlink:title

<title> Title

title, book (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

title, ICS codeuse <ics-desc>

title, journal (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

Title of the XLink Link


Title Wrapper

tn (Technical Note) documentsee <doc-type>







Toggle Switch

topicssee <subj-group>

top terminological entryuse <tbx:termEntry>


tr (Technical Report of Technical Recommendation) documentsee <doc-type>

Translated Source (in a citation)

Translated Subtitle

Translated Title

Translated Title Group





trf (Test Report Form) documentsee <doc-type>

trusted author identifiersee <contrib-id>see @contrib-id-type

tta (Technology Trends Assessment) documentsee <doc-type>

TV show name (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

two-part listuse <def-list>

typesee <annex-type>see <doc-type>see <suppl-type>see @abstract-typesee @alt-title-typesee @code-typesee @collab-typesee @comm-ref-group-typesee @content-typesee @contrib-id-typesee @contrib-typesee @count-typesee @date-typesee @document-id-typesee @document-typesee @ext-link-typesee @fig-typesee @fn-typesee @form-typesee @institution-id-typesee @journal-id-typesee @kwd-group-typesee @license-typesee @link-typesee @list-contentsee @std-id-link-typesee @std-id-typesee @std-typesee @xlink:type


Type (class, kind)

type, publishersee @publisher-type

type, related objectsee @object-type

type, sourcesee @source-id-type

type, termuse <tbx:termType>

Type of Alternate Title

Type of Annex

Type of Award

Type of Code

Type of Collaboration

Type of Content

Type of Contribution

Type of Cross-Reference

Type of Date

Type of External Link

Type of Figure

Type of Footnote

Type of Identifier for an Award

type of indexsee @index-type

Type of Index

Type of Institution Identifier

Type of Journal Identifier

Type of License

Type of Link (for a Related Object)

type of listsee @list-type

Type of List

Type of Navigation Pointer

Type of Part

Type of People (in Person Group)

Type of Preformatted Text

Type of Publication

Type of Publication Identifier (in a citation)

Type of Publisher (in a citation)

Type of Publishing Notes

Type of Related Article

Type of Section

Type of Standard Metadata

Type of Standards Document

type of standards organizationuse @std-org-type

Type of Subject Group

Type of Supplement

Type of Target

Type of Term

Type of Use

Type of XLink Link

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