<def-head> Definition List: Definition Head

Heading over the second column (the definition column) of a definition list (two-part list).
Related Elements
A <def-list> may take a <label> that provides it with a number, followed by an optional <title> naming the entire list, followed by optional headings for terms and their definitions. <term-head> contains the heading over the first (term) column, and <def-head> contains the heading for the second (definition) column; neither serves as a container element for terms or definitions. Individual <term>s and their <def>s are paired in <def-item>s. Definition lists are recursive, so following all the terms and definitions, there may be one or more embedded <def-list> elements.

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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  def-head     (#PCDATA %def-head-elements;)*               >
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Tagged Sample

Heading for <def-list> definition column [rare in standards]

  <term>back matter</term>
  <def><p>Any material printed at the end of the journal, after 
   the main articles. May include ...</p></def>