<fig-group> Figure Group

Container element for figures that are to be displayed together.
Related Elements
Both figures (<fig>) and graphics (<graphic>) may appear either grouped within a <fig-group> or singly within textual material.
orientation (default = portrait)
position (default = float)

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  fig-group    %fig-group-model;                            >
Expanded Content Model

((label)?, (caption)?, (legend)*, (abstract)*, (kwd-group)*, (subj-group)*, (alt-text | long-desc | email | ext-link | uri)*, (fig | alternatives | graphic | media)*)

Tagged Sample

Note captions for both <fig-group> and <fig>

<fig-group id="overview4">
 <caption><title>Figures 12-14 Overview Diagrams</title>
  <p>Diagrams of the mechanizm from three perspectives</p>

 <fig id="fg-12">
  <caption><p>View A: From the Front</p></caption>
  <graphic xlink:href="frontView.png"/>

 <fig id="fg-13">
  <caption><p>View B: From the Side</p></caption>
  <graphic xlink:href="sideView.png"/>

 <fig id="fg-14">
  <caption><p>View C: From Above</p></caption>
  <graphic xlink:href="topView.png"/>

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