<month> Month (in a citation)

Names one of the months of the year, such as “July” or “07”.
Related Elements
Dates within the metadata of a standard do not use this element. Within citations (<element-citation> and <mixed-citation>), this element is used to name the month of publication. The elements <year>, <date>, <day>, <month>, and <season> may all be used to describe the date a cited resource was published. Other dates inside a citation, such as a copyright date, the date on which the author accessed the resource, or a withdrawal date, should be tagged using <date-in-citation> with the @content-type attribute used to name the type of date (copyright, access-date, time-stamp, etc.).

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Text, numbers, or special characters
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  month        (#PCDATA)                                    >
Tagged Sample

Publication date in citation

 <mixed-citation publication-type="journal"
    <surname>Wiley</surname></string-name>, and 
  &ldquo;<article-title>Towards Transparent and Scalable OpenURL 
   Quality Metrics</article-title>.&rdquo; 
  <source>D-Lib Magazine</source>, 
  <date iso-8601-date="2011-03">
  <volume>17</volume>(<issue>3/4</issue>). doi: 
  <pub-id pub-id-type="doi" 
  >http://dx.doi.org/10.1045/march2011-chandler</pub-id>. Available at: