preformat-type Type of Preformatted Text

Type of content contained in the <preformat> element (for example, man-machine dialogs, poetry, ASCII art).


Distinctions between different types of preformatted objects can be preserved using the @preformat-type attribute, for example, by recording the content type of the text, such as “man-machine-dialogue”.
Code such as scripts, pseudo-code, programming language examples, XML DTD or XSD fragments, or tagged XML file samples should be tagged as <code>.
OPTIONAL on element: <preformat>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters A word or phrase that describes the content or names the type of content for the <preformat> element, for example, “tabular” for display object in rows and columns that is created by using spaces and tabs.
Restriction This is an optional attribute; there is no default.

Suggested usage

Although designed to accept any text as its value, potential values for this attribute might include:
A man-machine dialog, such as an error message and response
Tabular structures created by using spacing and tabs rather than tagging the row and column content using <array>