<std-ident> Standard Identification Block

The <std-ident> is a container element for the basic identification information concerning this standard, such as its originator, designation, part number (if applicable), and year of publication. This element contains sufficient information to build the standard designation for this document (<std-ref>) from its constituent parts.


The child elements of <std-ident> identify the various pieces of the reference designation for this standard (for ISO-related standards, additional information may need to be obtained from <doc-ref> children). A precombined form of the reference designation is given in the <std-ref> element, which is a sibling (not a child) of <std-ident>.
When identifiers are simple, the reference designation can be constructed by putting together the pieces of <std-ident> in a prescribed way, but it is usually simpler to create a pre-combined form of the reference designation by hand than to try to make software understand all the rules for constructing such an identifier.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  std-ident    %std-ident-model;                            >
Expanded Content Model

(originator?, doc-type?, doc-number?, part-number?, sub-part-number*, edition?, version?, std-id-group*, isbn*, issn*, issn-l*, suppl-type?, suppl-number?, suppl-version?, year?)

Tagged Samples
<std-ident> for single originator standard
<iso-meta id="profile.int">
<std-ident> for co-produced standard
   <main>Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators</main>
   <subtitle>Includes Requirements for Elevators, Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Moving 
    Walks, Material Lifts, and Dumbwaiters With Automatic Transfer Devices</subtitle>
  <full>Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators: Includes Requirements for 
   Elevators,Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Moving Walks, Material Lifts, and 
   Dumbwaiters With Automatic Transfer Devices</full>
  <std-id-group std-relationship-type="std-as-published">
   <std-id std-id-type="dated">ASME A17.1-2013/CSA B44-13</std-id>
   <std-id std-id-type="dated" std-id-link-type="doi">10.1115/ASME A17.1-2013/CSA B44-13</std-id>
  <std-id-group std-relationship-type="std-as-published">
   <std-id std-id-type="undated">ASME A17.1/CSA B44</std-id>
   <std-id std-id-type="undated" std-id-link-type="doi">10.1115/ASME A17.1/CSA B44</std-id>
  <std-id-group originator="ASME" std-relationship-type="std-series">
   <std-id std-id-type="title">Elevators and Escalators</std-id>
   <std-id std-id-type="short">A17</std-id>
   <std-id std-id-type="short" std-id-link-type="doi">10.1115/ASME.A17</std-id>
  <std-id-group originator="CSA" std-relationship-type="std-alt-as-published">
   <std-id std-id-type="dated">CSA B44-13</std-id>
   <std-id std-id-type="dated" std-id-link-type="doi">10.XYZ/CSA.B44-13</std-id>
  <isbn originator="ASME" publication-format="print">978-0-7918-6857-7</isbn>
  <isbn originator="CSA" publication-format="print">978-1-77139-312-6</isbn>   
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