std-type Type of Standards Document

Names a standards lifecycle event (document type) that extends or modifies a base standard (i.e., the undated designation)


The values shown in the Suggested Usage below do not align perfectly with ISO IEC Guide: Standardization and Related Activities — General Vocabulary, and they also may not fit all circumstances for individual standards organizations. Since the value of this attribute is an open list, a wide variety of current practices can be accommodated. No preferred values will be indicated in this NISO STS version, and individual standards organizations are free to decide which of these values are synonymous for them. For example, in a multiply adopted standard, NISO STS will not require all the parties to the adoption to use the same values.
OPTIONAL on element: <release-date>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The name of the lifecycle event named by this date.
Restriction This is an optional attribute; there is no default.

Suggested usage

Although designed to accept any text as its value, and many other values are possible, the following are suggested date types:
Adds to previously published, dated standard
Adopts previously existing standard (with minimally some additional adopting organization data)
Adopts previously existing standard with some modification and some additional adopting organization data
Replaces previously published dated standard (and adds to previous dated designation)
Combines previous standards/designations
Creates a new standard/designation by adding to previous dated designation
Notes a correction to previously published standard/designation—creates a new designation by adding to previous dated designation
An entirely new standard/designation (not based on previous standards)
A previously published standard is reaffirmed but given new designation
Two or more standards are consolidated and given new designation
Reinstate a previously withdrawn or defunct standard (typically following revision)
Revised standard with a new year designation
Revised and split standard with new designation
Revised and redesignated standard
Revised and redesignated consolidation of two or more standards
Adds to existing standard and builds a new designation by adding to previous dated designation of previously published standard