person-group-type Type of People (in Person Group)

Role of the persons being named in <person-group> element (for example, authors, editors, members of the G&S chorus).
OPTIONAL on element: <person-group>
Value Meaning
allauthors Used to identify a complete list of authors when a subset of the author group is used elsewhere in the citation. This may occur, for example, when a citation identifies both a book and a chapter within the book.
assignee Persons to whom a patent is awarded.
author Content creators.
compiler Persons who put together a composite work from multiple sources.
curator Person or group responsible for data curation or archival curation.
custom Not one of the meanings named in this list. The type can be found as the value of the attribute @custom-type.
director Directors.
editor Content editors.
guest-editor Content editors that have been invited to edit all or part of a work.
illustrator Creator of the pictures, drawings, videos, or other graphic illustrations or media (includes photographer)
inventor Idea, software, or machine creators.
research-assistant Assisted with the scientific research that is the basis for a work
transed Editors of a translated version of a work.
translator Persons who translated the cited work from one language into another.
Restriction This is an optional attribute; there is no default.