<copyright-statement> Copyright Statement

Copyright notice or statement, suitable for printing or display.


Duplication with the <copyright-holder> and <copyright-year>

The copyright year and copyright holder are usually present within the text of the copyright statement, since this statement is expected to be displayed. For Best Practice for searching and retrieval, the year should be repeated in the element <copyright-year>, and the copyright-holder(s) should be repeated in the element <copyright-holder>.
Multiple Copyright Statements
The copyright statement is allowed to repeat (within the <permissions> element), to allow an organization to tag information such as the following:
  • When a standards document has more than one copyright holder (for example, dual copyrights for two separate SDOs), there may be a single <copyright-statement> that names all the copyright owners. But there may also be several <copyright-statement>s, each naming one copyright owner. (Note: Best Practice is to repeat the <copyright-holder> element, once for each copyright owner as well.)
  • Several equivalent copyright statements, each in a different language.
  • Both a historical copyright statement and the current owner’s copyright.
  • The copyright statements for different countries, even if they are all in the same language.
Related Elements
There are three copyright elements which may be contained in the <permissions> grouping element:
  • <copyright-statement>, which is a textual statement of the copyright intended for print and display (This full statement usually contains the copyright holder’s name and the year among other information.);
  • <copyright-year>, a metadata element that names just the copyright year (This is intended for metadata searching and aggregation and is typically not displayed.); and
  • <copyright-holder>, also a metadata element that is typically not displayed.

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Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  copyright-statement
                        (#PCDATA %copyright-statement-elements;)*    >
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Tagged Samples
Single copyright holder
 <copyright-statement>&copy; ISO/IEC 2014</copyright-statement>
Two copyright holders
 <copyright-statement>© NACE International/ASTM International 
  2015 – All rights reserved</copyright-statement>
 <copyright-holder>NACE International</copyright-holder>
 <copyright-holder>ASTM International</copyright-holder>
  <license-p>All rights reserved</license-p>