<table-wrap> Table Wrapper

Wrapper element for a complete table, including the tabular material (rows and columns), caption (including title), footnotes, and alternative descriptions of the table for purposes of accessibility.


This element has been designed to capture a construct named “table”, whether that structure contains non-tabular structures such as graphics, lists, or paragraphs; or an explicitly tagged table element (<table> in the Interchange Tag Sets or <oasis:table> element in the Extended Tag Set). Standards documents may associate table captions and table numbers with material that is not explicitly tabular. Within the <table-wrap> element, row and column tags that describe table cells should be defined by either the <table> element of the NISO JATS table model (based on and designed to be converted easily to the XHTML 1.1 table model) or by the OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) table model <oasis:table>.
Footnotes inside a <table-wrap> are assumed to be footnotes to the table and, as part of the table, are displayed at the bottom of the table, usually as part of the <table-wrap-foot>, rather than at the bottom of the page or otherwise separated from the display of the table.
The @position attribute may be used to indicate whether a <table-wrap> must be anchored at its exact location within the text or whether it may float, for example, to the top of the next page, into the next column, to the end of a logical file, or within a separate window.
Modifications to the XHTML Table Model
In the NISO JATS table model, the XHMTL™ table model has been modified to remove the <caption> element from within the <table> element, because, in the NISO STS Tag Sets, the <caption> element has been made part of the <table-wrap> element.
OASIS Exchange CALS Table Note
The OASIS modules for the OASIS XML Exchange table model (based on the CALS table model) have been included in the NISO STS Extended Tag Sets, so <oasis:table> may be used in addition to or in place of the XHTML <table> element. A separate Tag Library describing the OASIS table model elements, attributes, and parameter entities may be accessed at: https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/options/OASIS/tag-library/19990315/index.html

When Content is a Form

Two attributes are available to describe the table when it contains a form:
  • @is-form can indicate that the table contains a form. What constitutes a “form” is not defined by NISO STS.
  • @form-type can identify the type of the form. If the form is not one of the listed types, @custom-type may provide the type (see below).

Custom Form Type (@custom-type)

@form-type has as its values a fixed list of form types. If your form is not one of the listed types, you can use @custom-type to describe the form type. Set the value of @form-type to “custom” and also use @custom-type to hold any form type you require. For example:
<table-wrap is-form="form" form-type="custom" 
Related Elements
The <table> element is an element defined by the NISO JATS table model, which is based on and designed to be converted easily to the XHTML 1.1 table model. This element is not, in itself, a complete table, but only the rows and columns portions of a table. A complete table may have other features, such as a title, caption, table footnotes, etc. The <table-wrap> element contains the complete table, that is, both rows and columns as well as labels, captions, or footers. A (<table-wrap>) element may or may not include an actual table (<table> or <oasis:table>) element within it, since other constructions, such as 2-part lists, may also be given table labels, titles, captions, etc.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  table-wrap   %table-wrap-model;                           >
Expanded Content Model

((editing-instruction)*, (object-id)*, label?, (caption)?, (legend)*, (kwd-group)*, (subj-group)*, (alt-text | long-desc | email | ext-link | uri)*, (disp-quote | speech | statement | def-list | list | alternatives | chem-struct-wrap | code | disp-formula | graphic | media | preformat | non-normative-note | normative-note | non-normative-example | normative-example | notes-group | table | oasis:table)*, (table-wrap-foot | attrib | permissions)*)

Tagged Sample

With label and caption

<sec id="s6.7.1.5">
 <title>Ambient illumination</title>
 <p>This test is used to determine the ambient light 
  levels under which the scanner will operate.</p>
 <p>... Specific applications may not require the 
  extended range noted in <xref ref-type="table" 
  rid="t11">Table 11</xref>.</p>
 <table-wrap id="t11">
  <label>Table 11</label>
  <caption><title>Ambient illumination levels</title></caption>
     <th>Lighting Conditions</th>
     <th>Illumination Level Lux</th>
     <td>Dark room</td>
     <td>Desk top</td>
     <td>Overcast daylight</td>
     <td>Bright sunlight</td>
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