publication-type Publication Type Identifier (in a citation)

Type of publication identifier or the organization or system that defined the identifier for a non-standard citation, typically a reference to a technical report, book, journal article, etc.


This attribute is not used to name the type of cited standard for a <std>; the <std> element used the @type attribute.
This attribute is used inside a bibliographic citation element such as <mixed-citation> or <element-citation> to identify what is being cited.
OPTIONAL on elements: <element-citation>, <mixed-citation>, <nlm-citation>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The type of identifier “doi” or name or type of organization that created the identifier “aggregator”.
Restriction This is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

A cited report

<mixed-citation publication-format="print" publication-type="report"
 ><collab>FCC</collab> <gov>Bulletin No. 65</gov> 
 (<month>August</month> <year>1997</year>), 
 <source>Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for 
  Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic 
  Fields</source>. Available at 
 [Rule 420Q NOTE]</mixed-citation>