<funding-source> Funding Source

Agency or organization that funded the research on which a work was based.


A few example organizations are the Wellcome Trust, NIH, HHS, Princeton University, or sometimes a corporation such as Alcoa sponsoring the research on which a standard was based.

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Tagged Samples
US National Science Foundation funding
  <p>Development of this standard was supported by the 
   <funding-source>National Science Foundation of the United 
   States</funding-source> (Grant <award-id>NSF-1234567</award-id>) 
   and the <funding-source>James and Sarah Bench 
Academic funding
  <institution content-type="laboratory">Massachusetts Green High Performance 
   Computing Center</institution>
 </institution-wrap>, operated by 
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">1846</institution-id>
  <institution-id institution-id-type="ISNI">0000 0001 2170 1429</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">Boston University</institution>
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">1812</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">Harvard University</institution>
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">2167</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">MIT</institution>
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">1848</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">Northeastern University</institution>
 </institution-wrap>, and the 
  <institution-id institution-id-type="Ringgold">14707</institution-id>
  <institution content-type="university">University of Massachusetts</institution>