See-Also Structural Index Entry

A See Also (meaning see related term) entry in a structural index.

Related Elements

Not for Terms and Definitions Section: This is an element, copied from BITS, that is used to describe an existing structural index; this element is not related to the terms and definitions section in a standards document. In the terms and definitions section of a standard, see also entries related to terms are tagged as <related-term> elements with a @related-term-type attribute describing the relationship.


Model Description

Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:


    <term>access vocabularies</term>
    <see-entry>entry terms</see-entry>
     ><nav-pointer rid="idx320" nav-pointer-type="start-of-range"
     >26</nav-pointer>&ndash;<nav-pointer rid="idx486" nav-pointer-type="end-of-range"
    <see-also-entry>modifiers in compound terms</see-also-entry>