Count Type

Names what is being counted by the <count> element, for example, methods, working group members, non-normative references, algorithms, etc.


This attribute names the countable object (for example, working group members, images, lemmas, or color figures, algorithms) for which there is no specifically named counting element. The <count> element and this is attribute should not be used to count elements for which a precombined counting element exists (figures, tables, equations, references, pages, or words).

Used on Element: <count>

The name of an object, element, structureThe object being counted, for example, “code” when counting the number of code fragments or “method” for the number of methods.
RestrictionThis attribute is required; it must be provided if the element is used.


 <count count-type="norm-ref" count="61"/>
 <count count-type="biblio-ref" count="102"/>
 <fig-count count="3"/>
 <table-count count="2"/>
 <equation-count count="0"/>
 <ref-count count="163"/>
 <page-count count="67"/>