Indicates whether an object (for example, a figure or table) should be positioned in a tall manner with the long edge vertical (“portrait”) or in a wide manner with the long edge horizontal (“landscape”).


The default value for this attribute is “portrait” and indicates that the graphic or other object should be displayed in its default orientation. Setting this attribute to “landscape” indicates that the object should instead be rotated by 90 degrees.

Used on these Elements:

landscapeThe object should be rotated by 90 degrees, so that the display is wide rather than tall.
portraitThe object should not be rotated by 90 degrees; the display will be taller than it is wide.
Default value portrait


<sec sec-type="inspection">
 <title>Field Notes</title>
 <p>Inspectors must record all variances at the time of observation. A form 
  such as the one in <xref rid="nne-fe">Example F-2</xref> may be used.</p>
 <non-normative-example id="nne-fe">
  <fig is-form="form" form-type="blank">
   <graphic orientation="landscape" mimetype="pdf" xlink:href="FieldObs.pdf"/>